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Identity Theft

Stop Identity Theft in Canada

Identity theft in Canada is a growing concern. Thousands of Canadians each year become victims of identity theft. Without proper protection identity theft could damage your credit so bad, it could result in bankruptcy.

Bankrupt Auto Loans Canada is a strong advocate of bankruptcy and credit education. Sometimes the most important credit lesson a Canadian can learn is to be aware of their credit history. If you’re uncertain about your credit or you just want to confirm that the information on your credit file is accurate then you should check your credit.

How can you protect your credit and your identity in Canada?

The best way to protect yourself is to keep your private information private.

Here are just a few other ways to protect your credit and your identity:

  • Always shred private documents, pay stubs, bills and banking information
  • Never share passwords or login information with anyone
  • Keep your wallet with you at all times
  • Commit your Social Insurance Number to memory and never carry it with you
  • Never provide personal or financial information to people or businesses you do not know and trust
  • Avoid using your credit card or debit card at “suspicious” retailers
  • Subscribe to a trusted credit monitoring service

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